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Artini's unique blend

Studio Artini Gallery Wall
Studio Artini

ARTINI was shaken and stirred into reality from the desire to make every day a little more bubbly, cheerful and creative. 


Angie Wise, chief mixologist, has been art directing, designing, illustrating, writing and styling for over twenty years – now she's dedicating every spare moment in between commissioned work to make and create for the pure pleasure of it. When she's not developing branding campaigns and marketing content, you'll find her in her happy place – toying with colour, shape and form to add a little bit of joy and festoon to everyday life and the spaces we love.​

Each piece is uniquely digitally hand-drawn by Angie. Inspired by the colour and humour found in her daily life, memories of travel, dreams of adventure and characters she's met or observed.  Cheery and affordable decor to grace interiors with a less serious, more joyful vibe.

I hope you enjoy immersing yourself in ARTINI's blend of colour and frivolity –
and if you find something that wets your whistle, we'd love to hear about it and
see it come to life in your space. Tag me at
 @studio_artini  #studioartini

I'm currently selling a small collection through Artfully Walls

but if something else catches your eye here or on Insta, please get in touch.


Created at STUDIO ARTINI in Sydney, Australia.

If you'd like to discuss a collaboration, please get in touch x

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